“Voting More With My Head Than My Heart” and “We Don’t Have Moderates Anymore”

On March 4th, one day after Super Tuesday, a female caller from Connecticut considers herself a “very liberal progressive Democrat” and plans to vote for Joe Biden. She argued that Bernie Sanders and his supporters are a “left wing version of Donald Trump.”

Later that morning, a woman from Florida expressed that she was extremely upset about last night’s results. She referred to Joe Biden as “Credit Card Joe,” and cited Thomas Frank’s book Listen, Liberal! as proof that we have two ring wing parties. She is appalled that some people choose their candidate the day of or the day before an election, saying “they have done no research, they have no commitment to anyone” and “they’ll believe anything they’re told.”

Pedro, the host, challenged her assertion that Joe Biden does not care about working people by reminding her that he was vice president when the Affordable Care Act was passed. She responded that the law is a “disaster” because people have to pay “thousands of dollars for very little coverage,” and took issue with the false narrative that Bernie Sanders is trying to take away people’s health care, when in reality he’s trying to ensure health care for all Americans by replacing our profiteering health care system with a single payer or Medicare for All system. She laments that “we don’t have moderates anymore,” that “we have two right wing parties” and believes we need Bernie Sanders to bring the Democratic Party further to the left, even if he wouldn’t be able to accomplish all of his ambitious goals.

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