Billionaires Shouldn’t Exist and Trillionaires Don’t Have To

Why Billionaires should exist…

That Jeff Bezos is set to be a trillionaire by 2026 is an indictment of American capitalism.

There’s something wrong with a system in a country where half the people earn less than $30,000 a year, but billionaires exist.

I’m perfectly fine with millionaires.

Maybe you’re a popular comedian, a professional athlete, or someone who started an innovative business and your business grew over the course of several years, even decades. That makes sense to me. But billionaires shouldn’t exist.

The problem with billionaires is, we just can’t afford them.

Mom and pop down the street pay their taxes, and probably more than their fair share. If they’re really successful, prior to the tax “reform” of 2017, they had to pay over 30% in federal income taxes. But not billionaires. Amazon is one of dozens of companies who, due to tax loopholes that were only expanded in 2017, end up receiving a rebate.

Tell me how that makes any sense. I want to hear from those older than me who still believe in this mythical capitalism they cling to like an infant clinging to a teddy bear. It no longer exists. Well, no, it does exist, but just for the rest of us. It’s socialism for the rich, and capitalism for the rest of us. That’s the system we have now in America. It’s the system I grew up in, and it has only worsened since I entered the workforce. It in all likelihood will be even worse when my daughter is my age. Unless of course, we start taxing billionaires correctly, and prevent a trillionaire from ever coming into existence. Billionaires shouldn’t exist, and trillionaires don’t have to…

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