500,000 is Small to Some

As America hit a tragic milestone yesterday with the announcement that over 500,000 Americans have died from COVID since the pandemic hit in the late winter of 2020, some citizens think it’s not a problem that should result in the shutdown most of us have experienced. Some people have gone on with their lives; partying, vacationing and prolonging the misery for the rest of us. 

On February 22, 2021, Mark from Missouri said “when you look at the deaths, the 500,000, on the face of it, it looks like an awful lot, and it is, absolutely. But when you compare it, when you look at percentages, 500,000 out of 40 million comes up to be about 1%. That means that 99% of the people that have had the coronavirus are going to survive it. And when I look at what their saying, that we can’t go back to normal until everybody has had the vaccine, I just think that’s absolutely ridiculous that we’re shutting down our whole nation when you have a 99% chance of surving the coronavirus.”


Later in the program, John from Paterson, New Jersey, responded to the caller from Missouri.

“Comparing 500,000, half a million deaths to 1% of the population. So does that mean that if this virus continues to kill and we reach a million deaths a year from now, that’s a small number, it’s 2% of the population. And that justifies this?!

Host Greta Brawner interjected with “Justifies what, John?”

“Justifies a half a million deaths to this pandemic! It’s thinking that has come from the Pinocchio President [Trump]…I’m sure the Pinocchio President right now is saying “Oh, January 6, only 7 people died, it’s not that big of a deal.” This is the same thinking that this fella from Missouri is calling to express. Minimize the lie. You know, Trump lost the election because of his response, or lack of response, to COVID. That’s a clear thing. That’s why he lost. So his history is to create a lie to offset a lie so he created the big lie. COVID was a little lie for him. But January 6 was the gigantic lie from the Pinocchio [Trump] President, and stop believing his lies!”

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