“It Was Not a Flawed Election Process” in Maricopa County

 Today, October 7, 2021, the House Oversight & Reform Committee held a hearing where Arizona election officials testified about the outcome of the Cyber Ninjas audit of the election results in Maricopa County. Among those testifying was Maricopa County Board of Supervisors Chair Jack Sellers.

“I daresay if you are a student of Maricopa County Republican election history, you were not surprised by the results. It was not a flawed election process; not a lack of security. It was a candidate that many Maricopa County Republicans simply did not support.”

In a different time, this would be all that was needed to assure Americans that there was no election fraud in 2020. The supervisor’s words would be all that were needed to swat away the former president’s baseless claims. But as you know we are not living in a more sensible time. I encourage you to share this with anyone in your circle of family and friends who remain skeptical of the integrity of the 2020 election and without saying “I told you so,” ask them what they think about what was said in the video below:

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