The Fallacy of “More Guns, Less Problems”

A caller on C-Span’s Washington Journal (9:17 AM 6/11/22) from Louisiana described himself as an African American and Republican and preached the mantra of “more guns, less problems.”

This despite the fact that America has more guns than any other country in the world  (120 for every 100 persons), and unsurprisingly, has far more problems with gun violence than most countries.

In recent years, America has ranked #2 for the total amount of gun-related deaths, as well as second place for the highest amount of gun-related suicides.

How many police officers stood outside Robb Elementary in Uvalde, Texas? How many stood in the hallway, just outside the classroom as 19 beautiful children and 2 teachers were slaughtered by an 18 year old with the AR-15 and the more than 1,000 rounds he bought on his birthday?

There were more guns than needed to stop him, and yet more problems every minute that went by in which good guys with guns didn’t go in. After waiting more than an hour before entering the classroom that had become a slaughterhouse, did they really count as the good guys?

Imagine the problems that would have ensued if the parents who wanted to go into the school to save their babies had been carrying and pulled out their guns and threatened the cops who were restraining them and ordering them not to enter. How many more lives would have been lost? How many more problems would be added to yet another preventable American tragedy?

Clearly, “more guns, less problems,” is a fallacy; a sick fantasy, and one that’s at the heart of a debate that only seems to trim around the edges of gun violence, placing far too much weight on mental health and public safety, without even considering the possibility of an assault weapons ban that might restrict the untouchable 2nd Amendment rights of Americans who need AR-15s to eviscerate varmints.

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