Former President Trump to Reveal Identity of Unknown Soldier

In honor of Veterans Day, former President Donald Trump announced on his social network that he knows the identity of the Unknown Soldier, and will reveal the fallen veteran’s name when he makes another “Big announcement” on November 15th. He explained that he’s had a private investigator looking into it “very strongly” for several months. He also took the occasion to chastise his political opponents, reminding his followers that “Obama and the Democrats never even bothered to look into it.” He continued, “The generals and so-called top military brass didn’t even know where to start.”

The tomb of the Unknown Soldier was dedicated at Arlington National Cemetery on Veterans Day in 1921. Some corners of the internet are busy speculating as to how much Hunter Biden and China might also be involved in the century long mystery. The former president ended his social media post in simple fashion: “Sad.”

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