Netflix Admits It’s Running out of Ideas for Film/TV Categories

Sitting at the local watering hole and reportedly on his 4th martini, James, a regular who works as a marketing engineer for Netflix, admitted to the male bartender, whom he knows by name, that the streaming service has run out of ideas for film and TV categories. “We do the best we can, but I’m afraid the well has run dry. Hey, wait…let me write that one down!” the slurring 27-year-old exclaimed when reluctantly asked to expound by the only man paid to listen. Recent research into the topic revealed that some of the streaming world pioneer’s most popular categories have been, “Binge-worthy TV for the Serial Killer in You,” “You Still Haven’t Picked Something to Watch?” and “How Many Different Ways can we say These are Action Films?” Some experts predict the regrettable combination of the impending New Year, Joe Biden’s impact on global inflation and the category shortage will force Netflix to, yet again, raise its prices. “Only time will tell,” James wryly replied when asked to respond to such rumors. “Hell, I’m on a roll!” he shouted, convinced he had scored another winning category.

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