Luka Doncic Passes Kidney Stone on Basketball Court & Scores 42 Points

Luka Doncic was seen wincing on the court and holding his lower back on Thursday before he not only went on to score 42 points against the Pelicans, but remarkably pass a kidney stone (beyond the arc) in front of 19,000 fans and millions more on cable and streaming services! Nearby players overheard Luca complaining “Too much Cockta!” an apparent reference to the Slovenian soda pop. At first, players with experience balling with the three-time All Star figured it was just him whining and bitching again about a “no call.” As it happened, a sports producer considered having the main camera zoom out to the top of the rafters, which is protocol if and when a shirtless, attention seeking fan runs onto the court from the stands, but as soon as it became obvious that a kidney stone was being squeezed out the superstar’s urethra, a fact confirmed by a referee and passed on to Dallas’ play-by-play voice, Mark Followill, the producer realized it would be great television in an era where competition is as fierce as the battle for a spot on the NBA All Star game. “Luka was passing a stubborn stone, something I have a lot of experience with, so I couldn’t pass up the opportunity!” the producer explained. Despite what transpired, the potential MVP went on to play 36 minutes before fouling out with 90 seconds left in the 4th quarter. He’s expected to play without a minutes restriction Saturday in a contest against the Sacramento Kings.

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