Political Cartoonist Struggles to Caricature Senator Tuberville

A cartoonist assigned to draw U.S. Senator Tommy Tuberville admits he’s having trouble caricaturing the senator who he claims looks exactly like what someone would expect a caricature of the senior senator from Alabama to look like.

“I can make Mitch McConnell resemble a snail any day of the week. Give Obama ears so big they couldn’t fit on the cover of Mad magazine. Trump?  A few balloon shape inserts and scribble a couple orange zig zags for hair and I’m done. But trying to draw Senator Tuberville and exaggerate his physical characteristics is like asking your wife if she needs any help with dinner when the pork, potatoes and beans are already sitting on the dining room table.” Sharply pointing his finger at this writer, he added, There’s nothing left to do, and you know it.”

Rumor has it (full disclosure: he told me in private) he plans to give the Tuberville cartoon one more shot and if it doesn’t work out he’ll set it aside to draw Senator John Kennedy, a Republican from the state of Louisiana, who he described as the man in committee hearings who, whether speaking or sitting idly, “looks like he’s indefinitely finishing a hefty serving of peas and mashed potatoes.”

Correction: this article originally quoted the unnamed cartoonist as referring to chicken enchiladas, pico de gallo and refried beans. For added context, the cartoonist was suffering from a severe bout of hangry when interviewed by our reporter.

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